Interview: Hunt for the Worst Movie of All Time

elizabethtown-2.jpgThe Oscars are eight days away and this should be a time when we celebrate the best in cinema. But for every motion picture gem are a thousand movies that stink.

And the website Videogum, has been working its way through those films.

They're on a quest called The Hunt For The Worst Movie of All Time. Here are the rules...

Gabe Delahaye is the man behind this masochistic mission. We got him into our New York studio to explain...

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The Hunt has some pretty funny rules. Here they are:

  • It cannot be intentionally horrible.
  • It must have at least one A- or B-list movie star in it.
  • It cannot be Glitter. (Or Crossroads.)
  • It has to have had a theatrical release.
  • It must be available on Netflix.
  • No matter how bad the movie, it cannot be based on a popular superhero.
  • No musicals.
  • No Robin Williams movies
  • Only one Nicolas Cage movie per "round."
  • No children's movies.
  • Gabe is the boss.

And here's a link to Videogum.


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