New this week: The Day 6 Midweek Podcast

tommy book.jpgStarting this week, we'll be posting two podcasts a week. Did we just blow your minds? Thought so. Yep, in addition to our existing Saturday podcast, we'll also be podcasting extended, uncut versions of our favourite interviews mid-week.

Available right now is the full 30-plus minutes of Tommy James on his memoir, "Me, The Mob, and The Music". All you have to do is download the Day 6 podcast.


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Over the next few weeks, look out mid-week for full-length interviews with Dr. Oliver Sacks, Salman Rushdie and Garry Trudeau.

And have no fear - every Saturday, you'll still be getting a brand-new shiny episode of Day 6 like always. This week, we have Marty Rathbun on his break with the Church of Scientology, "Reading Lolita In Tehren" author Azar Nafisi on protests in Iran, and we go inside Lady Gaga's egg.

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