Oliver Sacks Revisited

Thumbnail image for OliverSacksBig.jpgOur interview with neurologist Oliver Sacks from last fall generated a lot of mail and comment.

In his books, Oliver Sacks turns clinical case studies into fascinating, confounding mysteries of the human brain. The neurologist is a fine writer, full of empathy for his subjects and admiration for the ways they improvise around their conditions.

But in his latest book, The Mind's Eye, Oliver Sacks becomes a clinical case himself. And he doesn't think he's a very good patient.

There is great clarity in his writing, generosity as he discusses his patients, fear as he considers the mystery of his own illness. It's fascinating to witness the writer and doctor become the subject of the investigations he's documented in his 4 decades of publishing.

Here is our interview with neurologist, clinician, writer and now patient Oliver Sacks.

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