Big 6 Casualties: Round Two

Another day another six nominees get dropped from the Big 6 contest. Click the headline to see who got dropped. The voting continues though. Click here to cast your ballot in favour of the remaining contenders.


Newsmaker Drop #2 - The Census

Look, we get why it's important. But didn't it always feel just a little bit weird how worked up people got about filling out a form?



Trend Drop #2 - Vuvuzela

Sorry Vuvuzela, your aural reign of terror is over.



Flameout Drop #2 - Toyota

Looks like Day 6's audience really put the brakes on the Toyota recall as flameout of the year. Sorry. That was terrible...



Feelgood Story Drop #2 - The Jet Blue Guy

This one puzzles us a little. Sure he was up against the Chilean miners. But Steven Slater quit his job over a loudspeaker, grabbed a couple beers, pulled a jet plane's emergency exit slide and took off running. Didn't he deserve to get beyond round two?



Comeback Drop #2 - Conrad Black

Feel free to appeal. It's worked in the past.


Guilty Pleasure Drop #2 - The Double Down

A temporary item on the KFC menu and a temporary presence in this contest. Buh-bye.

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