Big 6 Casualties: Round One

It's Monday and the stragglers are getting dropped from our Big 6 contest. They've had plenty of time to earn your votes. But these guys just aren't performing. That's right I'm talking about you Rick Sanchez. Click through to see if your candidate got dumped. And don't forget to vote for those still in the running.


Feelgood Drop #1 - Lost At Sea

You may have survived 50 days lost at sea but you didn't make it past the first round of eliminations. See ya...


Comeback Drop #1 - Helena Guergis

First she was kicked out of the Conservative caucus. Now it's the Big 6 contest. I wonder which was a harder pill to swallow?


Trend Drop #1 - Oprah

I'm sure this won't happen to the Big O when she's running her own network.


Guilty Pleasure Drop #1 - Rioting

You better board up your windows. I think the Black Block knows they've been dropped. Who knows how they'll react.


Newsmaker Drop #1 - Lady Gaga

If this was Kanye getting eliminated he'd throw a fit.


Sorry Sanchez. But I'm sure you're not blaming yourself. You've probably figured out some way to make this John Stewart's fault.
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