Halloween Hangover: Costume Horror Stories

Last week, we asked you to call in with your best-worst Halloween costumes ever. Here are some of your horror stories - featuring tales of Tom Cruise, a kangaroo-rabbit, Flavor Flav and a urinating mummy:

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Mike called in about his Flava Flav disaster story. Here's his costume this year:

ICP Blog.jpgCory called in after we went to air with this story. He went to his staff party as "The Statue of Puberty", complete with a tampon torch and orthodontic headgear... but that's not where things went wrong. 

puberty.jpgHe was hoping to win the costume competition, but he wasn't even a finalist. In a fit of frustration and seasonal over-exuberance, Cory smashed the pumpkins on stage.

puberty3.jpgHe later learned that the pumpkins were part of a jack-o-lantern competition that his colleagues had spent hours carving. He'd smashed them before they were even judged.

Aaaand the winner of the Official Day 6 Pumpkin-Carving Contest (that I just made up now) is Pete Zedlacher. Pete is a Day 6 contributor, stand-up comedian extraordinaire and he looks like this (bloody chin, not knife through head):zedlacher blog.jpgHere's Pete's pumpkinesque tribute to the world's 2nd-most Halloweeny band. Yes, the Misfits are #1.slayer blog.jpg 


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