INTERVIEW: Building an ACTUAL Gravy Train

rob ford.jpgThe last thing any politician wants is an angry public railing against them for riding the gravy train. It's an expression that pops up a lot in politics. And it popped up a lot in Toronto's mayoral contest. And a promise to stop the City Hall gravy train is partly why Rob Ford is Toronto's mayor-elect. 

It was like a mantra. He put it on t-shirts, he put it in ads, he slipped it into every debate. Even federal politicians, like Liberal party MP Scott Brison, picked up on the gravy train's "mots jus" (like gravy jus. get it?).

A gravy train, so we're clear, is meant to suggest someone who enjoys great reward for little effort.

But here at Day 6, we would like to ride an actual gravy train. We thought researchers over at Warwick University in Coventry, England, might be able to help. Last year, they built a formula one race car that ran on biodiesel made from chocolate.

So if anyone's going to build us a gravy train... surely it's them. Dr. Steven Maggs is a Senior Teaching Fellow at the University of Warwick. This interview will air in our Saturday, October 30, broadcast.  But we thought you'd want to taste the gravy a little early.

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A Rob Ford campaign ad:


Scott Brison in Question Period:

The UK's Campaign for a Change Gravy Train:

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