How to Become a Saint: A Day 6 Explainer

andre promote.jpgOn Sunday, October 17 the man known to millions of faithful Catholics as Brother Andre joins the communion of saints. A papal ceremony at the Vatican will formally canonize the beloved Montreal priest as the first male Canadian-born saint.

Brother Andre died 73 years ago and at the time of his death was already considered a healer and miracle worker. His ministry to the sick and poor of Monrtreal was well known. After his death his fame grew and claims continued to be made for his powers as a healer. The Oratory of St. Joseph in Montreal is equally a shrine to his power.

The road to sainthood for Brother Andre began years ago, but it wasn't until 1982 that he was beautified by John Paul II.  And the formal canonization took another 28 years.

Patience is a virtue if you want to be a saint.

The process is formal and surprisingly bureaucratic. But it is a process open to everyone, no matter how obscure or humble. Start by being nice.

Here's John Allen, who reports on Catholicism for CNN, NPR and The National Catholic Reporter with  How to Become a Saint: A Day 6 Explainer.

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