How to Spy Politely (Satire)


Vic Toews was at a news conference last Sunday when he asked Canadians to spy on each other. Sort of.

What he suggested was that communities who are worried about links to extremists be on the lookout for anything that could lead to the radicalization of youth in their neighbourhoods, and to report it.

On the one hand, what he's saying makes sense: keeping your community safe is as much an individual responsibility as it is the State's.

On the other hand, it kind of sounds like the government's asking us to spy on each other.

Canada is a polite nation. So if we're going to spy on each other, we should probably get some tips on how to be nice about it. So Day 6 is calling in the Big Guns for this.  Here's some lessons in civility on how to spy politely.*  -DG

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LINK:  Report radicalized youth, Vic Toews urges extremist-linked communities
LINK:  Lew Bayer and Civility Experts
*Please note that this advice is satirical. We don't condone treating any neighbour like this.

(original photo credit:  Daniel Carlbom)

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