Frankenfish on Ice?

forfrankenfishweb.jpg(photo credit: Sharon Mollerus) 

Remember our interview with Garth Fletcher?  Garth Fletcher genetically modified an Atlantic salmon so it would grow to adult size a heckuva lot faster than it does normally. 


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An American company bought the idea from him and Memorial University.  They want to bring the salmon to market.

When we brought you this story, we reported the United States Food and Drug Administration was reviewing if this GM fish was fit for human consumption.  And by all accounts, it looked like they were getting ready to approve the first ever genetically modified animal for human consumption.

Well, maybe not so fast.  Eleven US Senators are asking the FDA to hold up on the review.  They think the agency is not examining the data correctly. 

We're wondering if it has anything to do with the fact a number of the Senators are from coastal states?  Just askin... -DG

What do you think: Would you eat genetically modified salmon?  To the comments!

LINK: Senators want review of modified salmon ended

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LINK:  Memorial University Ocean Sciences Centre

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