Rob Ford and the Liberal Stages of Grief


(photo credit: Shawn Merritt)

Municipalities in pockets across the country are holding elections this Fall.  Toronto - the biggest town of the bunch - learned on Monday that city councillor Rob Ford is polling significantly ahead of the second place candidate, former Ontario Minister George Smitherman.  There are five weeks to go in the campaign, and by most accounts, it seems like this election is Ford's to lose.

For some Torontonians, the idea that Rob Ford could be the city's next mayor is an idea that is hard to swallow.  Clearly, a number of residents are embracing Ford's "throw out the waste" campaign. 

Conservative-leaning blogger Stephen Taylor peeked into the Twitterverse and, with a little sorting, discovered some, erm, rather obvious signs of Liberal Grief:

The Five Stages of Liberal Grief

That's a view on Toronto's mayoral race.  How are municipal politics playing out in YOUR town?  Let us know in the comments.


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