Long Gun Op-Ed: Mayor David Miller of Toronto

david_miller.jpgToronto Mayor David Miller's office called Day Six earlier this week with the offer of an editorial on the Long Gun Registry in advance of next week's vote.

This inspired us to reach out to mayors across Canada for their opinions on the registry.

Read Mayor Miller's editorial after the break.

Toronto Mayor David Miller on Saving the Long Gun Registry


In four days, Canada's Parliament will have before it a motion to scrap the Federal Long-Gun Registry and while all indications are that this private members' bill will be voted down, nothing should be taken for granted.


Canadians, whether they live in an urban or a rural area, deserve to be safe and they deserve to have effective policing. And that can only happen if there is a proper and reasonable system of keeping track of weapons.


The long-gun registry, despite initial problems, is now a proper and reasonable system. That's why the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police and victims of gun violence and their families have spoken out so strongly about it.


The police use the registry as a very important investigative tool - they use it every day for a range of things. Say, for example, they're going to a domestic dispute call. It's very important to know if there are guns in the house. All of the studies show very clearly that if you have a gun in your home, it's more likely to be used on you. Police need to know that.


Some have tried to paint this as an urban versus rural issue. It is not. We in cities understand and respect that people in rural areas may have a different lifestyle that involves the use of a rifle. But I hope that the people in rural areas can understand that, in urban areas in particular, if we don't have a system of registry, people's lives, including those of our peace officers, are at serious risk every day. Everybody is safer when the police know where the guns are and are able to protect themselves and the people against their illegal use.


That is why it is my hope that on Wednesday, MPs will defeat this bill and send a message to all Canadians that their elected representatives truly do represent our shared values of peace and safety for all.

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