Happy Birthday Mario!

Twenty five years ago today, a stocky plumber with a penchant for eating magic mushrooms took the video game industry on and and.... well, jumped all over it.  Today, the Mario franchise has sold some 240 million games.  That's a lot of gold coins.

Made us wonder: what has Mario and friends taught us about living life?

The Day 6 Life Lessons Learned From Super Mario

6. Never let your vocation define you as a person.

5. If you make enough money, you can live just about forever.

4. Invincibility only lasts so long, so plan ahead.

3. Don't look back. You can't go there anyway.

2. Always jump over, but never ON, an angry boss.

1. Don't revel in your victories too much:  there's always another princess to save.

What are YOUR life lessons learned from Super Mario?  Post to the comments below!

LINK:  Nintendo's 25 Years of Mario

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