Big 6 Winning 2011: China

6 Chinese Rock1.jpgDay 6 listeners couldn't ignore the growing dominance of China on the world stage.  As 2011 wraps up, China's economy shows signs of slowing.  But for much of the year, it was roaring.  Back in February, it robbed Japan's title as second-biggest economy in the world, worth then around 5 point 8 trillion bucks.  It lead economists to say China might surpass the US economy in ten years.

When a large nation with a robust economy exerts that kind of global pull, it's not long before it's cultural product starts seeping its way into other countries - American culture is everywhere.  So what Chinese cultural exports might we consider consuming?

Ever hear of yaogun?

Chinese Rock and Roll.

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The history of rock is not old in China, and its evolution is a good reflection on how that nation has changed.  So, as China Rises, will yaogun rise along with it?  Jonathan Campbell thinks so.  He's a musician and the author of "Red Rock: The Long Strange March of Chinese Rock & Roll".  Jonathan walks us through 25 years of chinese RAWK.


Jonathan Campbell has prepared a 10-song playlist of yaogun's 25 years of history.  If you'd like to hear the songs in full, as well as some of Jonathan's insight on why these 10 songs are important, CLICK HERE.

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