The Songs That Saved Your Life- What's Yours?

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This week on Day 6,  Anthony Bourdain told us the story of a song that saved his life. I've been asking around and it turns out a lot of people have similar experiences. Music is powerful and intimate and tied to our experiences good and bad. A particular song at a particular time in your life might not be life saving but it can be life changing.

For me one of those songs is "Soon" by My Bloody Valentine. Do you know it? It's a massive truck of a song. I don't know what they're singing and I don't care. The texture of the thing, the rhythm, the magnitude of the sound- all of these things have at various times filled me up and taken over my emotions. I can listen to it when I'm happy or sad and it does the same thing, which is thrilling and full of excitement. And that's just one of mine.

What are yours? Call us on the Day 6 line at 1-866-944-6669 and tell us about a song that you think saved your life and why. Here's a few songs people have already shared. -BB


Husker du- I Will Never Forget You

Galaxie 500- I Walk With Jesus

Madonna- Frozen

Violent Femmes- I Know It's True But I'm Sorry to Say

Hurt- Nine Inch Nails

Rheostatics- Record Body Count

Kathleen Battle- Swing Low Sweet Chariot

Johnny Nash- I Can See Clearly Now

Led Zeppelin- Dyer Maker


What's Yours?

Call us on the Day 6 line at 1-866-944-6669.  The songs that saved your life. On Day 6.    

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