Gabriella Pession

Gabriella was born in Florida and spent her childhood in the United States. At six, she moved to Italy where she finished her studies and started training in ice figure skating for the Italian skating team. She competed in several competitions traveling around the world to Sweden, Eastern Europe, and Russia. In 1992, she spent several weeks training at St. Petersburg where she also had the opportunity to study Ballet with a teacher from the famous KIROV Theatre. Gabriella had an accident when she was 15, which halted what could have been a brilliant career as a skater, but she didn't stop studying dancing.

After she quit ice figure skating she dedicated herself to completing her studies and getting her degree. She went to Brisbane, Australia, and attended the University of Shafston to improve her knowledge of the English language. As well as being fluent in Italian and English, Gabriella also can speak in Spanish and German.

Gabriella returned to Italy, where she enrolled in Milan University to get her degree in Philosophy and Liberal Arts. While there, she auditioned and was cast in the TV movie, "Amiche Davvero". She then moved to Rome to continue her new acting career. She signed with an agent and continued to go out on auditions. She was called in for movie director Lina Wertmuller who had been looking for almost a year for the lead in "Ferdinando and Carolina". After auditioning over one thousands candidates, Gabriella won the part as Princess Carolina of Asburgo.

Her collaboration with Wertmuller changed her life forever. Gabriella settled down in Rome, and quickly became a rising star in TV, film, and theatre. Her connection to Wertmuller continued when she played Tripolina in the theatre tragedy "Story of Love and Anarchy" - the theatrical version of the four times Oscar nominated Film Wermuller in the Seventies. Other roles, include Salomé in the "Bible" miniseries of JESUS opposite Gary Oldman, produced for USA television under the direction of Robert Young.

Gabriella's rise to fame continued both on TV and on the big screen. Starring opposite Giancarlo Giannini and Raoul Bova in the movie MILAN PALERMO, THE RETURN. In the past couple of years she has started in two critically acclaimed Spanish films, LAS TRECES ROSAS, and LE GUSTA ES CHILE?

In 2008 she won the “Best Actress” award for her work on CAPRI and CAPRI2, the biggest TV series oin Taly for the Italian television network, RAI I which she starred in and became Italy’s most popular leading actress.

Her busy work schedule in Italy and Spain doesn’t allow a lot of free time. What little time she finds from work, she travels to Los Angeles, California, where she continues to study her craft with the Actor’s Studio to improve her fluency in English. During her last trip in 2007, after meeting with top Talent Agents, Managers, Producers, Publicists, she assembled a top management team to represent her in the States and worldwide.


Detailed filmography


Ex capitolo secondo (2011) directed by Carlo Vanzina

Oggi sposi (2009) directed by Luca Lucini

Le 13 rose (Las 13 rosas) (2009) directed by Emiliano Martinez

Lázaro Mannaggia alla miseria (2009) directed by Lina Wertmuller

Mucho Mejor (2007) directed by D. Pajas (España) (acting in spanish language)

Milano-Palermo Il Ritorno directed by (2007) C. Fragasso

Las treces rosas (2007) directed by E. Martinez Lazaro (España)(acting in spanish language)

L’uomo perfetto (2005) directed by L. Lucini

L’Amore è eterno finché dura (2004) directed by C. Verdone

La verità, vi prego, sull’amore (2000) directed by F. Apolloni

Voci (2000) directed by F. Giraldi

Il Pesce Innamorato (1999) directed by L. Pieraccioni

Ferdinando e Carolina (1999) directed by Lina Wertmuller

Fuochi d’artificio (1997) directed by L. Pieraccioni



Wilfred (2011) with Elijah Wood (acting in english language)

Cesare Mori Il prefetto di ferro (2011) directed by Gianni Lepre with Vincent Perez (special guest)

Dove la trovi una come me (2010), comedy directed by Giorgio Capitani

Rossella (2010) directed by Gianni Lepre

Lo smemorato di Collegno (2009) directed by Maurizio Zaccaro

Capri 2 (2008) directed by Andrea Barzini e Giorgio Molteni

Il capitano 2 (2007) directed by Vittorio Sindoni

Graffio di Tigre (2006) directed by A. Peyretti

Crimini (2006) directed by Manetti Bros (tv movie)

Capri (2005-2007-2008) directed by E. Oldoini F. Marra Barzini G. Molteni

Orgoglio (2003-2004-2005) directed by G. Serafini V. De Sisti V. Verdecchi

Il Capitano (2005) directed by V. Sindoni

Ferrari (2003) directed by C. Carlei

Don Matteo (2002) directed by A. Barzini

Fine Secolo (1999) directed by G. Lepre

Jesus (1999) directed by R.Young (co-production USA) (acting in english language)

Cronaca Nera (1998)

Amiche Davvero (1998) directed by M. Cesena (tv movie)



Storia d'amore e d'anarchia (2002-2003) directed by Lina Wertmuller

La verità, vi prego sull'amore (1998) directed by F.Apolloni



Sirmione Catullo Award 2009 – Fiction tv Award

Roma Fiction Fest 2008 – Best Actress Award for Capri



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