The Tenants: Part 1

A corrupt property manager is found murdered and there's no shortage of suspects…

The Tenants: Part 2

After meeting with Renee to discuss her footage of the murder victim, Leo discovers her films may hold even more secrets.

The Tenants: Part 3

Clara's insight on Renee gets Leo to dig deeper into her footage leading to a new discovery.

The Tenants: Part 5

Poppy and Leo's latest suspects elusive behaviour proves he's hiding something, raising more questions than answers.

The Tenants: Part 6

After combing through hours of footage, Poppy discovers a violent confrontation that gives her a new lead.

The Tenants: Part 7

With 2 different approaches, Clara and Poppy inch closer to solving their case.

The Tenants: Part 8

With part of their case wrapped up, things are looking up - until a distressing call comes in...

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