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Ali Milner

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Band members: Erik P.H. Nielsen, Ali Milner, Matt Kelly, Richard Brown

Where We're From: Vancouver, BC

Influences: The Band, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin

Our Sound: Soul/Pop/Rock and Roll

Favourite Canadian Artists: The Band, Joni Mitchell

Song We'd Love To Cover: Anything by The Band or Joni Mitchell

Stand-Out Memory: Our first gig together (Episode One)

Biggest, Craziest Dream: Being able to pay bills through playing music

Little Known Fact: Erik's front tooth isn't real

Dressing Room Wish: Clean Socks

Melanie Morgan

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Band members: Melanie Morgan, Danny Bourgeois, Mike Bourgeois, Daniel Roy, Marc Leger

Where We're From: Cap-Pele, NB

Influences: Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Bryan Adams, Keith Urban, Tom Petty, Jason Aldean

Our Sound: Modern country with Rock & Roll flavour

Favourite Canadian Artists: Bryan Adams BY FAR, and Carolyn Dawn Johnson

Song We'd Love To Cover: Bryan Adams - "Heaven"

Stand-Out Memory: Making the Top 8 on Cover me Canada! Oh, and sharing the same stage as Keith Urban. That was pretty sweet!

Biggest, Craziest Dream: Headlining my own sold out cross country tour! Having a #1 Single would be pretty cool as well!

Little Known Fact: I LOVE Britney and Justin Bieber.

Dressing Room Wish: Sweet Tarts!

Georgia Murray

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Band members: Georgia Murray, David Parfit, D-Whiz, Kytami, Jayme Langen, Travis Nelson

Where We're From: Victoria, BC

Influences: Gnarls Barkley, Portishead, Adele, Black Keys

Our Sound: Alt/Urban/Soul

Favourite Canadian Artists: Neil Young, K'naan, Shad, Arcade Fire, Metric, Alanis Morissette

Song We'd Love To Cover: Neil Young - "Words" or The Payolas - "Eyes of a Stranger"

Stand-Out Memory: Having my song stolen by Korea's biggest pop star and it going #1 in Korea.

Biggest, Craziest Dream: To play great music and eat food forever.

The Simpson Brothers

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Band members: Rob Simpson, Rich Simpson, Evan Findlay, Bryson Dodwell

Where We're From: Tsawwassen, BC

Influences: (Rich and Rob) - Folk, Classic Rock (Evan and Bryson) - Jazz, Progressive

Our Sound: A blend of John Mayer, Coldplay, Mumford & Sons and The Guess Who

Favourite Canadian Artists: Neil Young, Burton Cummings, The Trews

Song We'd Love To Cover: Neil Young – “Needle and the Damage Done”

Stand-Out Memory: Driving back from Vancouver late at night, blasting "Hope and Ruin" by the Trews in our 1984 Volvo.

Biggest, Craziest Dream: To wake up in the morning ready to either record music or play a big live show.

Little Known Fact: We are big into video games!

Dressing Room Wish: An Xbox 360 and a loop pedal for making songs!

Warren Dean Flandez

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Band members: Warren Dean Flandez, Sean Kelly, Rich Brown, Chris Bilton, Dave Langguth

Where We're From: Vancouver, BC

Influences: Donny Hathaway, Lauryn Hill, Marvin Gaye, John Legend, Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder

Our Sound: Music that you can feel.

Favourite Canadian Artists: Neil Young, Burton Cummings, The Trews

Song We'd Love To Cover: Fleetwood Mac - “Songbird”

Stand-Out Memory: The first time we played together on stage (which was last week).

Biggest, Craziest Dream: Being able to pay bills through playing music

Little Known Fact: Erik's front tooth isn't real

Dressing Room Wish: Family and Friends


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Band members: Cory Williams, Travis Wood, Greg Markham, Max Trefler

Where We're From: Toronto, ON

Influences: U2 and Coldplay

Our Sound: Modern pop song writing with a reverence for music from the past.

Favourite Canadian Artists: Arcade Fire, Metric, Ron Sexsmith, Sam Roberts, Sloan, Our Lady Peace, Blue Rodeo

Song We'd Love To Cover: Michael Pagliaro - "It Ain't Easy Lovin' You" or Blue Rodeo - "Lost Together"

Stand-Out Memory: Collectively deciding to drop out of school in 2006 to take on Whosarmy as a full-time venture. It's been 5 years and we've never looked back.

Biggest, Craziest Dream: To perform alongside our heroes. To become friends with Ron Sexsmith...or Paul McCartney!

Little Known Fact: Whosarmy began performing on the cover circuit last year in Toronto in order to finance the making of our (now finished) debut record. Until then we were strictly an originals band.

Dressing Room Wish: A TV with the Leafs game playing.

Living In Red

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Band Members: Jackie Mohr, Joel Leonhardt, Dana Jerlo, Marc Girardin

Where We're From: Winnipeg, MB

Influences: Incubus, Muse, Powderfinger, Tool

Our Sound: Sounds like Living in Red. Heavy and soft. Rock, Alt rock...with deep melodies.

Favourite Canadian Artists: Our Lady Peace, Rush, Three Days Grace, The Tragically Hip.

Song We'd Love To Cover: Haddaway - "What is Love". Always thought we could really rock that!

Stand-Out Memory: The night we filled the Pyramid with our closest friends, family and fans... and knowing in that moment we were about to do something huge in Toronto with Cover Me Canada.

Biggest, Craziest Dream: To be able to wake up every morning and do this for a comfortable living.

Dressing Room Wish: Probably every Jim Carrey movie, except that penguin one.


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Band members: Joseph W. Neale (vocals), David 'Dmajor' Neale (piano), and Charles 'CN3' Neale (rap vocals)

Ages: 18–20 yrs

From: Toronto, ON

Genre: Urban Gospel (in sound not content)

Sounds like: Drake

Training: Joseph and David Neale got off to an early start in elementary school, and have received training at John Abbot School of Music, Hamel School of Music, New Conservatory of Music and Merrium School of Music. Charles Neale attended the Merrium School of Music (for Piano).

Performances: 1st prize at high school competition.

Releases: Signed with independent label Thunder Dome Sounds headed by Juno Award winning jazz pianist Eddie Bullen. In production with 4 songs for Juno award winning artist Carlos Morgan, and former Jacksoul singer Kesha Wint.