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Watch Episode Eight Performances Now!

Well, this was a firecracker of a show, right? Three amazing covers PLUS so-called "Battle Segments", which paired the bands against each other to perform some classic tunes. In the end, Melanie Morgan won Immunity and Ali Milner was sent home... so Canada, your top 2 is Whosarmy and the Melanie Morgan Band!

We're so excited for the finale - all 8 of our original competitors will be back on stage. And here's the most important part: you have a big say in the winning decision.

Whoever has the highest social score next Sunday - Melanie Morgan or Whosarmy - will be declared Canada's choice and will count as 1/4 of the final decision. Yep - Canada is a judge in the finale!

So here ya go - all of the episode eight performances all fresh and ready to view. Start getting those view counts up - and don't forget to vote every day!

(in order of appearance):

Melanie Morgan
"Courage" by The Tragically Hip
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PS: Melanie chatted with us about all her songs this week.

BATTLE 1: Whosarmy VS Ali Milner
"Sugar Sugar" by The Archies

"These Eyes" by The Guess Who
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PS: Whosarmy chat about their songs this week!

BATTLE 2: Ali Milner VS Melanie Morgan
"Both Sides Now" by Joni Mitchell

Ali Milner
"One Week" by Barenaked Ladies
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PS: Ali and Matt chat about their songs this week.

BATTLE 3: Whosarmy VS Melanie Morgan Band
"Hallelujah" by Jeff Buckley