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How Voting Works This Week

Things are a little bit different in Votesville this week. True, immunity is no more; but your votes, tweets, views and shares are just as important as ever. At the end of the week, the band with the highest social score (Votes + Online buzz) will determine "Canada's Vote". Here's a dramatic rendering of what the judges' table will look like:

Finale Judges

So there ya have it. Canada makes up 1/4 of the winning vote, and in the case of a tie, Canada is the tie-breaker. Ron Fair, Deborah Cox and Jordan Knight each have a vote, giving the judges' table 3/4 of the final decision. Social activity will factor into their evaluation, but ultimately it will come down to who they feel has been strongest throughout the competition and who captures true star quality.

Now, you know what to do: Vote every day. Tweet at your favourite competitor, watch their YouTube videos and share whatever you can. Who will Canada choose as their vote?

Vote now!