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Hometown Love For Cover Me Canada Finalists

Hometown support on Cover Me Canada

There's no question that hometown support has played a massive role in helping Melanie Morgan and Whosarmy reach the Cover Me Canada finale. New Brunswick championed the Melanie Morgan Band every step of the way, and our Toronto studio was always full of Whosarmy troops cheering on their fave band.

For tonight's finale, Canada will be cheering - but certain places will be celebrating just a little bit more, with family and friends gathered to watch a winner crowned.

In Moncton, fans will gather at The Igloo for a finale party starting at 8:30pm. As well, Centre de Saint-André-LeBlanc will host a big screen finale party.

In Toronto, The Troops can gather at Jack Astor's (133 John St) for a pre-finale party starting at 3:30pm. Jack Astor's in Whitby (where Travis and Cory have performed), will also screen the finale. And how 'bout this: Brock Township has officially declared March 31 to be Whosarmy Day!

If you know of any more finale parties, post in the comments!