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Evolutionary SuperFans

Evolutionary Rock Band on Cover Me Canada

Confederation Secondary School has a different kind of music education program up their sleeves - it's called Evolutionary Rock Band. 25 members, 10 roadies and 1 teacher make up one unconventional (and extremely cool!) band class. Teacher Norm McIntosh was granted MusiCounts first-ever Teacher of the Year Award in 2005, which was presented by the Rolling Stones!

Because members of the Evolutionary Rock Band are also Cover Me Canada SuperFans, they traveled to Toronto this past Sunday to see a live taping in action. You may have seen them surrounding Nicole Appleton as she introduced Whosarmy, holding up big yellow signs!

Thanks to EVO for driving from Greater Sudbury to cheer on our competitors!

More info on Evolutionary Rock Band:

MySpace (hear some tunes!)

Evolutionary Rock Band on Cover Me Canada

Evolutionary Rock Band on Cover Me Canada