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Week Six Song List: Paul Anka Week

We're over the moon excited about this week's episode, which will feature guest judge Paul Anka - not to mention all Anka cover songs.

Let's re-visit the tunes that our competitors will be re-arranging, and listen to the originals!

Song: "Lonely Boy"

History: Written and recorded by Anka in 1959, the song was featured in the film Girls Town. Nay, not just featured - Paul Anka sang it in the film. It marked his acting debut - he appeared as a famous singer named Jimmy. The movie also starred Mamie Van Doren, Mel Tormé and Ray Anthony. "Lonely Boy" topped the Billboard Hot 100, becoming Anka's first song to do so.

Listen to the original!

Ali Milner
Song: "Put Your Head On My Shoulder"

History: Released as a single in 1959, "Put Your Head On My Shoulder" reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It's been covered numerous times over the years and re-popularized thanks to artists like The Lettermen, Nancy Sinatra and Michael Bublé.

Listen to the original!

Warren Dean Flandez
Song: "Diana"

History: The song that made Paul Anka famous, it was released in 1957 and allegedly written about a babysitter who was five years Anka's senior. It climbed to #2 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart and has reportedly sold over 9 million copies. Anka was only 16 when the tune was released, and he became a global heartthrob because of it.

Listen to the original!

Melanie Morgan
Song: "Puppy Love"

History: Paul Anka's romance with teen star Annette Funicello inspired this song, which reached #2 on Billboard's Hot 100. Funicello wrote her own song about the romance called "Tall Paul" and an album of cover songs called Annette Sings Anka. Anka's manager insisted that the relationship be kept from the press - quite unsuccessfully.

Listen to the original!


Paul Anka performs a medley of all four songs in 1966: