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Week Seven Song List

This week is big. Big big. Super duper big. Not only will our top four competitors be mentored by the original performers of their songs, but they will be joined on stage by the stars on Sunday night!

That's right - this Sunday we've got guest appearances from Alannah Myles, Alan Frew of Glass Tiger, David Clayton Thomas of Blood, Sweat & Tears and Brian Vollmer of Helix! And as an extra bonus, Bill Henderson of Chilliwack will join all four competitors for a performance of "Whatcha Gonna Do (When I'm Gone)".

We're so excited to see all these artists perform with our competitors!

And now: here's a breakdown of what each competitor will be performing, and some history behind each track:

Song: "Someday" - Glass Tiger

History: Written on the same day as their hit "Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone)", "Someday" climbed to #7 on Billboard's Hot 100 and was a runaway radio hit in 1987. Both tracks were produced by Jim Vallance and appeared on their debut album The Thin Red Line. Glass Tiger won three JUNO Awards in 1986 and two more in 1987, and they were also nominated for a Grammy in '87. Alan Frew says that the opening lines popped in his head as soon as he heard Jim Vallance play with the keyboard riff, and by the end of the studio session, they had a hit.

Listen to the original!

Ali Milner
Song: "Black Velvet" - Alannah Myles

History: One of Canada's most celebrated tunes, "Black Velvet" was recorded by Alannah Myles in 1988. In 1990 it climbed to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, hit #1 in Canada and reached #2 in the UK. Alannah also won one Grammy and three JUNO Awards in 1991. The song was written about Elvis Presley, and according to Alannah Myles there is some confusion about the line "Jimmy Rogers on the victrola up high." She says on her Facebook page: "Philanthropist Jimmy Rogers was Elvis's musical idol growing up listening to radio. Hence "a new religion that'll bring you to your knees". It's an integral image to the lyric. When we were recording it my producer rode me on not having it sound like "Victrola pie". Now every time I hear the song all I can think of is Victrola pie."

Listen to the original!

Warren Dean Flandez
Song: "You've Made Me So Very Happy" - Blood, Sweat & Tears

History: Singer David Clayton Thomas joined the group in 1968 and by the end of 1969 they secured the number one album in America. "You've Made Me So Very Happy" was originally written and released by Brenda Holloway in 1967, but made a hit by Blood, Sweat & Tears when they took it to #2 on Billboard's Hot 100 in 1969. The song was chosen by original member Al Kooper before Thomas' arrival, then recorded and released as the first of a string of hits - eventually leading to sales of ten million and five Grammy Awards for that album alone (Blood, Sweat & Tears). Thomas was recently inducted into the Canadian Songwriters' Hall of Fame for "Spinning Wheel", which was performed by Warren Dean Flandez on episode one of Cover Me Canada.

Listen to the original!

Melanie Morgan
Song: "Heavy Metal Love" - Helix

History: "Heavy Metal Love" appeared on Helix's third studio album (and major label debut), No Rest For The Wicked. It was one of MTV's original high rotation music videos when the station first launched, and Helix was allegedly the first Canadian band to give MuchMusic commemorative gold and platinum albums. Michael J. Fox once auditioned as a bassist and they were the first Canadian band to ever play in Portugal, Spain and Sweden. "Heavy Metal Love" originally spawned from a catch phrase uttered by the father of lead singer Brian Vollmer. In 2006, Helix re-recorded and released the song as a bonus track on their 2006 EP Get Up!

Listen to the original!

Thank you to the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame for providing some factoids for us!