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Web Roundup: Warren Dean Flandez

Warren Dean Flandez on Cover Me Canada

We're gonna start checking in on what our competitors are doing online, and their supporters, too!

If you haven't heard, Warren Dean Flandez's fans have been deemed the Warrentourage, and they're sharing WDF content in full force.

A young fan sent a good luck message:

And Warren posted his own comedic behind the scenes video ("Band-tics"):

As well, WDF has had some press attention, including this saucy article, which quotes Warren as saying:

"I'm not as popular as the folk, and country, and rock acts, but it's growing," he says, "and it's proving there is a market for it. A lot of our R&B artists have gone south or to Europe, because that's where the opportunity is, and I commend people like Divine Brown and Jully Black, and those who are here sticking it out. Cause it's not easy. You don't do those little hop-in-the-van tours in the BC interior with R&B and soul."

Stay tuned for more updates about our other competitors!