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Watch Episode Three Performances Now!

Episode three is a wrap, and it's safe to say that our competitors are bringing their game to the next level (of amazing). Six bands remain, and from this point the intensity will start burning through the roof.

Now it's your turn to go to work! Vote for your favourite and make sure they're safe from elimination next Sunday. (We won't reveal tonight's eliminated band in this post).

Since YouTube views play a big ol' part in deciding who tops the Social Media Charts, we've clipped the latest performances for your viewing pleasure. Check 'em out - and then watch them again. And again! Then tweet some love to your faves.

Bonus: this week you'll be able to stream the recorded versions of the songs on CBC Radio 3. Each spin will help your favourite competitor's social score... so fill your ears with goodness, mmkay?

(in order of appearance):

Georgia Murray
"Sunglasses At Night"
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PS: Hear what Georgia had to say about covering this song.
Plus - Corey Hart sent Georgia a message before the show:

Living In Red
"Could Have Been A Lady"
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PS: We talked to Jackie about the band's initial reaction to covering this song.

"Hot Child In The City"
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PS: Find out Whosarmy's reaction to getting this tune!
Plus - Nick Gilder sent Whosarmy a message before the show:

Melanie Morgan
"Wild Horses"
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PS: Melanie chatted with us about her reaction to covering this song.
Plus - Gino Vannelli sent a good luck message to Melanie:

Warren Dean Flandez
"Sometimes When We Touch"
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PS: Warren tells us how he reacted to getting this track.
Plus - straight from the man himself; Dan Hill sends Warren a message:

Ali Milner
"Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm"
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PS: Ali and Eric (sort of) tell us how they felt when they got this tune.

The Simpson Brothers
"Up Where We Belong"
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PS: Rob tells us how they reacted to getting this iconic song.