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Watch Episode Six Performances Now!

Wowee. What a mega night, with guest judge Paul Anka in the house to see his very own songs being performed by the Cover Me Canada bands. And at the end of it all, every competitor was saved for another week!

If you want to help keep your favourite competitor safe from elimination, don't forget that you get 5 votes every day. But only one band will get immunity - the rest will be at the whim of the judges.

Since YouTube views play a big ol' part in deciding who tops the Social Media Charts, we've clipped the latest performances for your viewing pleasure. Check 'em out - and then watch them again. And again! Then tweet some love to your faves.

(in order of appearance):

Ali Milner
"Put Your Head On My Shoulder"
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PS: Ali & friends tell us how they reacted when they got this tune.

"Lonely Boy"
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PS: Find out Whosarmy's reaction to getting this song!

Warren Dean Flandez
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PS: Warren tells us how he reacted to getting this track.

Melanie Morgan
"Puppy Love"
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PS: Melanie chatted with us about her reaction to covering this song.