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Meet Marie-Christine

Marie Christine

Corey Hart knew he'd found something special when he first heard Montreal's Marie-Christine perform for him. After that meeting, Corey signed her as the first artist on his label, Siena Records.

Now the songstress has a debut album under her belt, with 2011's Walk In Beauty. It includes a cover of Prince's "I Wanna Be Your Lover" and an interpolation of Corey Hart's "Sunglasses At Night" called "Girl in Shades". It wasn't until she recorded this song that Corey gave his true blessing for an artist to re-imagine his 80s hit. Says Hart,

"While I was over in England playing some of the songs for Warner UK record executive Dion Singer he mentioned the idea of me doing "Sunglasses At Night" with Marie-Christine. I asked him if he meant a cover and he remarked, "no, not really, but just do your own thing with it."

Somehow it all finally made sense. It had never even occurred to me before. So Marie Christine's "Girl in Shades" is the first authorized interpolation of "Sunglasses At Night" and the dude interpolating is Corey on Corey!"

Check out Marie-Christine's video for "Totally Random", and for more information visit her website.

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