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In Case You Missed It: Pre-Show Cover Chats!

As the competitors prepared to go on stage on Sunday to play for Canada, we pulled them aside to give us the lowdown on the covers. Watch the videos below to find out what was going through their heads when they opened the CD and what it was like adapting such well-known songs to their style.

Don't forget that watching videos of your favourite contributes to their social score. So watch, share, and watch again to help protect your favourite from elimination by the judges!

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Whosarmy on "Hot Child in the City"

Jackie from Living In Red on "You Could Have Been A Lady"

Georgia Murray on "Sunglasses At Night"

Ali Milner on "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm"

Melanie Morgan on "Wild Horses"

Warren Dean Flandez on "Sometimes When We Touch"

Rob from The Simpson Brothers on "Up Where We Belong"