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Gino Vannelli Talks "I Just Wanna Stop"

Gino Vannelli on "I Just Wanna Stop"

Gino Vannelli had tasted success in the mid 70s, but it wasn't until he released the classic ballad "I Just Wanna Stop" that he hit Top 5 chart status in the US. Following its breakthrough, Gino became an international heartthrob and still tours today. We spoke to Gino about the creation of this track.

Can you please tell us a little about the making of "I Just Wanna Stop"?
Well, it was recorded a long time ago, in 1978 in Los Angeles, when I was on A&M Records. It was the first Top 5 single I had. It helped launch the album into platinum status. But "I Just Wanna Stop" was mainly my brother Ross's song. I did have some advice as far as what direction I wanted the lyrics to go - I wanted some references to Montreal - but really, I can't take most of the credit.

Do you think the song brought any attention to Montreal? It has a prevalent mention right off the top!
Maybe! I don't remember hearing any English songs about Montreal, so it could have been a first.

What's a memorable studio moment?
When the back vocals were done and everybody realized that it could be a big hit, because it had that vibe to it; that spark to it.

What has been the most rewarding result of the song?
Well, it brought attention to my music and attention to me as an artist. I still do the song today in my show - just a little bit different. It was a stepping stone, a part of the big picture.

What do you hope to see from Ali Milner when she performs your song on Sunday night?
It's a pretty song, you know, so a little passion. Don't just try to make it pretty; put your own thing - be a bit of a method actor. Think of moments when you felt a little hurt, when you had to leave somebody, leave something behind; when you're wistfully thinking of something and feeling regret, and that's gonna bring some real human passion to it. Tell her to sing her butt off!

For more information about Gino, go to his website.

Note: An article in a Regina paper has been misinterpreted as quoting Gino. An unfortunate layout makes it seem like Gino commented on Melanie Morgan's performance last week, but he has not made any statements. The statement comes from the article's writer.