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Backstage Roundup: Episode Three

You've seen what goes down on TV, but there's a whole other world behind the cameras: backstage!

And now presenting a toothsome roundup of backstage action that we captured during the show:

Ali Milner backstage on Cover Me Canada

Ali gets a touch up before her performance of "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm".

Travis Wood backstage on Cover Me Canada

Travis & Jackie chat backstage.

Warren Dean Flandez backstage on Cover Me Canada

Warren gets a hug after his performance of "Sometimes When We Touch".

Whosarmy on Cover Me Canada

Whosarmy waiting to go onstage for their performance of "Hot Child In The City".

The Simpson Brothers backstage on Cover Me Canada

Evan warms up before The Simpson Brothers hit the stage.

The Stage - Cover Me Canada

The view from backstage as competitors await their fate.

Jordan Knight, Deborah Cox, Ron Fair

The judges looking mah-vellous before the show begins.

Rob from The Simpson Brothers rehearses backstage.

The Melanie Morgan Band does a last-minute rehearsal backstage before their performance of "Wild Horses".

Dan Hill on Cover Me Canada

Dan Hill was in the studio to watch Warren Dean Flandez perform "Sometimes When We Touch".