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Week Two: Eliminations Begin

G07 Eliminated on Cover Me Canada

If it were up to me, no competitor would ever go home. They'd spend every Sunday complimenting each other, and then end the show with a group high five. Unfortunately, it's not up to me - and the eliminations have officially begun. (CBC is thankful that I'm not in charge. An hour of compliments do not make thrilling television.)

Thanks to your votes and social commentary, Melanie Morgan scored Immunity. After eight dynamite performances, the judges were faced with a big decision: who would be the first to go?

Cover Me Canada's first eliminated competitor is: G07. Even though they've only performed live twice (both times on CMC!), they proved to be incredible talents and we can't wait to see what's next for CN3, Joseph and Dmajor!

If this made you sad/furious/sweaty/heartbroken and/or blue, here's how you can help keep someone safe next week:


From that link you can vote, watch all performances and follow our competitors on Twitter! Hype 'em up as much as possible, mmkay? One competitor will be safe from elimination, thanks to YOU!

How To Vote: A Step-By-Step Guide