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Not to toot our own horn, but Cover Me Canada's eight competitors TORE THIS PLACE UP TONIGHT.

We're dealing with true blue musicians, real talent and some raw star power; how are you supposed to pick a favourite?!

Remember: votes + online hype = immunity.

So the more you Tweet your favourite competitor, the more you watch their performance videos from Sunday night and vote for them on the Facebook app, the better chance they have of winning Immunity next Sunday and being safe from elimination!

Since YouTube views are a huge part of your online support - so check out these videos of tonight's performances! And if you like a competitor a whole lot... watch them some more!

(in order of appearance):

Melanie Morgan
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"Raise a Little Hell"
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Warren Dean Flandez
"Spinning Wheel"
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Living In Red
"Born to be Wild"
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"Can't Stop"
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Ali Milner
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The Simpson Brothers
"Workin' for the Weekend"
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Georgia Murray
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