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Our Five Fave Jordan Knight Videos

Our Five Fave Jordan Knight Videos

How in tarnation are we expected to pick five favourite videos from our judge Jordan Knight - a bloke who's been winning hearts with his falsetto since the mid eighties? Hmm?! Well, we took one for the team and narrowed it down. It was difficult work with so many to choose from, but we combed through years' worth of NKOTB clips and his solo tunes. Then after a series of scientific experiments, consulting with a team of PHD-certified Doctors and some blind chocolate taste tests (no relation), we finally settled on the final list, and here it is: our five favourite Jordan Knight music videos!

5. Stingy

Let us direct your attention to Jordan's latest solo effort, which proves that he's still got it. First of all, the guy looks better than ever. Second of all, his voice is as silky as the day he was a young babe. Third of all, Donnie D shows up for extra support (bonus!). We had to put this on the list simply because we love a good success story, and high fives to JK for being just as charming as he was in 1989.

4. You Got It (The Right Stuff)

This could be the most delightful New Kids video that ever lived. You've got the signature dance moves (right leg! Left leg! Right leg! Left leg!). You've got the best display of 80s fashion that one could dream of. You've got lyrics that praise a special girl (it could be YOU!). And best of all: Jordan takes the forefront. I think we've pinpointed the moment that he became a superstar.

3. Give It To You

The year was 1999. NKOTB had been quiet for several years, and suddenly this top 10, platinum-selling, MTV VMA nominated single appeared on the airwaves. The general public was like, "Jordan Knight, you say?!" whilst bobbing their heads. Yezzir, the man planted himself back in the public eye with this catchy, danceable tune. The video is saucy, playful, Grease-inspired and brimming with 90s fashion. Memories!

2. I'll Be Loving You (Forever)

Excuse me, but we think we just took a ride in a time machine. We're 9-years-old again and have fallen in love for the first time. His name is Jordan, and he wrote us this song. He sings so sweetly, this Jordan, with a falsetto sent from Utopia. He's got a fashionable rattail hair cut and he's super talented at handball. We're going to get married - you'll see.

1. Step By Step

Jordan is a the true star of this clip, and it proves that he knows exactly what it takes to be a pop sensation and a showman. "Step By Step" is NKOTB's highest-selling single and quite possibly the best-known song from the height of their popularity. The dance moves, the swoon-worthy swagger displayed by all 5 members, the infectious tune - this could be the best NKOTB video of all time. All time!

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