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Our Five Fave All Saints Videos

Our Five Fave All Saints Videos

No big deal, but our host Nicole Appleton was a member of one of the most successful British girl groups of all time. All Saints racked up two platinum albums, sales of 10 million records worldwide, five numero uno tunes and nine Top 10 singles. And PS: since we're a show about cover songs, it should be mentioned that All Saints had a number one single in the UK with "Under The Bridge/Lady Marmalade", proving that they know a little something about covers, too. Enough small talk - let's get down to business: these are our five favourite All Saints music videos!

5. Black Coffee

All Saints sound extra lovely when they work with William Orbit, who is best known for his work on Madonna's Ray of Light album. As a result, "Black Coffee" became the girls' 5th #1 single in the UK. A pinch of elecronic flavour suits their vibe and really sets the tone for this video. Set in a high rise apartment at night, All Saints sing from the rooftop while a couple's argument becomes extra dramatique in Matrix style slow motion. When was the last time you had an angelic serenade during an argument?

4. I Know Where It's At

"Who are these sassy gals lookin all sporty and telling me they know where it is at," you may have said in 1997 when All Saints dropped their first video. Nicole, Natalie, Mel and Shaznay strut down a hallway like they own the place - they didn't need an elaborate concept or a space age set or shiny pants. All they needed was four solid voices, some serious attitude and a dash of good looks to make it known that they had arrived.

3. Rock Steady

What we've got here is a genuine, certified, bonafide bewitching music video. The ladies rock provocative outfits as they take command and stage a jaw-dropping bank heist. Sharp and slick, shot in black & white, it's nearly impossible to take your eyes off of them. Nicole slinks along the bank desk as she collects stacks of money from dumbfounded tellers; Shaznay cracks a whip at customers who begin to dance robotically. Then All Saints escape unscathed with their newfound riches. What a heartwarming story!

2. Pure Shores

In our humble opinion, this is the most timeless All Saints song (and also our favourite). It was released as part of The Beach soundtrack in 2000 and handily hit the #1 spot on UK charts. But since the video is used mostly as a promotional tool for The Beach, we can't put it in the top spot. Interesting though, how the director reflects scenes from the movie with the girls; for instance mirroring night shots and chase scenes. Cool, but put on a good pair of headphones and close your eyes - that's when the track works best.

1. Never Ever

Book it. All Saints' most successful song; probably their best known - and if you break out with, "A few questions that I need to know..." chances are someone will pop up to finish the line ("how you could ever hurt me so"). Plus, the last half of the clip is riddled with pyrotechnics, and obviously explosions make everything cooler. The group walked away with 2 Brit Awards for this one: Best Video and Best Single. Now they've got the most coveted award in all the land: our pick for #1 Favourite All Saints video.