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Our Five Fave Deborah Cox Videos

Best Deborah Cox Videos

If you don't know, now ya know: our judge Deborah Cox has been a shining light in the music industry for over 15 years. Award show hardware, Billboard record-setting singles and a three-octave range - the lady is a force. She's dabbled in acting, started her own independent label and starred as Aida on Broadway. But enough about the accolades, let's get down to the nitty gritty: Deb's sassy music videos. From bursting on the scene in 1995 with the silky "Sentimental", to her latest forays as an independent artist, here are our five favourite Deborah Cox videos!

5. "Who Do U Love" (1995)

We remember this as being the first video where Deborah really started to emerge as a star in the R&B world. Plus you've got all the essentials of an effective mid-nineties jam: the boy does wrong. The girl retaliates with her best girls in tow. A dance number ensues; the boy is shamed. Hell hath no fury like an R&B diva scorned.

Best Lyrical Adlib: "Ohhhh baby! Oh, yeah." (3:30)

4. "Sentimental" (1995)

Passionate, sultry and soulful with a bassline that tells its own story. Deborah croons to a room of admirers in a smoky club, while a then relatively unknown Omar Epps watches from the back - obviously the object of her one-time affection. What did you do to this girl, Omar?!

Best Emotional Outburst: "Now that you're gone, I want you more!" (3:05)

3. "Beautiful U R" (2008)

Deborah reunites with director Lil X for this empowering clip, which features a group of women who cast off all the bells & whistles - the make-up, the accessories - and embrace their own strength. "Don't ever let nobody bring you down, girl," she sings, as their moods change from melancholic to exuberant. Makes us wanna go tackle the world!

Best Reveal: Deb uncovers her own pregnant belly. Surprise! (3:15)

2. "We Can't Be Friends" (1999)

A true fan-favourite, this tear jerker brings Deborah together with Next frontman RL for a ballad about - what else - heartache. As they trade verses about struggling through the end of a relationship, the emotion escalates at a steady pace. And then... BAM! They embrace in a final, gut-wrenching scene; and you're not sure whether to sing along with their perfectly-pitched ad-libs or burst into tears. We've done both.

Best Part to Sing Along To: "What I'm trying to saaaaaayyy ayyyy hey heyyyy.. oh hoh!" (3:12)

1. "Nobody's Supposed To Be Here" (1998)

Obvious! Recorded as a ballad and remixed as a dance track, both versions experienced incredible success. Once it hit #1 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop chart, it stayed there for an unprecedented 14 weeks; a record that held fast for 8 years. This is a real firecracker; a real sing-along-in-your-car-LOUD type of tune that continues to stand the test of time. Go ahead - try it. And then maybe film it and send it to us, because we love things like that.

[Confidential to man playing Deb's love interest: call us.]

Best Part of the Song: "No, nobody - no nono no no ... woooooo!" (2:36)