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Nicole Appleton is in Toronto!

Nicole Appleton is heeere!

Oooooh, exciting things are a-brewin' behind the scenes here at Cover Me Canada! If you haven't heard, our illustrious panel of judges has been announced: Jordan Knight, Deborah Cox and Ron Fair! These folks know their biznass, people. 

Now, on to other buzz-y matters: our gorgeous host Nicole Appleton is now in Toronto and will soon start prepping for her big debut on September 18! We set her up with a Twitter account yesterday (follow her! @Nicole_Appleton); what started as a timid acceptance of a new social media beast ended with a bold exclamation of, "I'M ON TWITTAH!" once she sent that first tweet. Yeah, Nicole! Tweet like the dickens!

The countdown begins... can't wait for the premiere on September 18!