Dorel recalls drop-side cribs

Dorel is recalling 635,000 of its Safety 1st and Dorel Drop-Side Cribs in the U.S. and 7,600 in Canada after several reports of the drop-side detatching, leading to the death of at least one infant.

The crib's drop-side plastic hardware can break or deform. In addition, the drop-side can be installed upside-down, which can result in broken or disengaged plastic parts. All of these problems can cause the drop-side to detach in one or more corners.

When the drop-side detaches, it creates space between the drop-side and the crib mattress. The bodies of infants and toddlers can become entrapped in the space which can lead to suffocation. Complete detachment of drop-sides can lead to falls from the crib.

In Canada, Dorel Distribution Canada has received three reports of the drop-side detaching from the crib and four other incidents where the slats on the crib broke. No deaths were reported in Canada.

For more information, see Health Canada's advisory here.