Undeclared milk in Dophilus tablets, Health Canada warns

Health Canada is warning people with milk allergies not to use the unauthorized health product Dophilus Chewable Tablets, labelled as "non-dairy," because they contain trace amounts of milk protein from ingredients used in the production process.

Consumers with milk allergies can experience a variety of symptoms when exposed to even small amounts of milk proteins, including breathing difficulties, which in some cases can be fatal.

Health Canada is aware of one allergic reaction report possibly associated with use of Dophilus Chewable Tablets, in which the consumer had hives, vomiting, a runny nose and diarrhea.

Symptoms cleared once use of the product was discontinued.

Consumers with milk allergies should stop using the tablets and return them to the store or purchase.

Canadians who have used this product and are concerned about their health should consult a health-care professional.