NHL teethers recalled because of bacteria contamination

Health Canada announced the recall of around 6,800 NHL liquid-filled infant teethers because of possible bacteria contamination.

Recent testing conducted by Health Canada revealed that the filling inside the teether petals is contaminated with the bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa. That violates a Health Canada requirement that infant teether fillings cannot contain any living micro-organisms.

"These bacteria can affect children with weakened immune systems, causing various infections, if the teether is punctured and the liquid from the teether is ingested," said Health Canada in a release.

There have been no reports of injuries or incidents associated with use of the product.

The affected teethers come in the shape of a flower with three water-filled petals and have the insignia of one of six Canadian NHL teams emblazoned on the centre.

The affected teethers are identified by the model number H51R1V, and were sold Canada-wide between January 2005 and June 2009.

The following team logos are printed on the affected teethers:

  • Vancouver Canucks.
  • Calgary Flames.
  • Edmonton Oilers.
  • Montreal Canadians.
  • Ottawa Senators.
  • Toronto Maple Leafs.

Consumers are advised to take the teethers away from children and either dispose of them or contact the retailer for full credit.