Health Canada recalls plush animals and plush carrying case over choking hazard

Testing by Health Canada showed that the hard plastic eyes and nose on the plush animals can easily detach from the toys. These small parts pose a choking hazard to young children.

There have been no reports of incidents or injuries.

The recall involves:

  • Plush Kitten with Cat Carrier Carrying Case: The plush kitten is yellow with brown stripes with a red collar, and has hard plastic eyes and nose. The plush cat carrier is yellow and blue with a grey carrying handle and door. The kitten/carrier set can be identified by item # 6/1541 and UPC 887600653993.
  • Plush Cow with Barn Carrying Case: The plush cow is black and white with yellow horns, and hard plastic eyes and nose. The barn is red with a white roof and carrying handle. The cow/barn set can be identified by item # 6/1539 and UPC 887600654006.
  • Plush Penguin with Igloo Carrying Case: The plush penguin is black and white with a yellow beak and feet; the penguin has hard plastic eyes. The igloo is white with a blue carrying handle. The penguin/igloo set can be identified by item # 6/1543 and UPC 887600653962.

Approximately 31 of these toys were imported into Canada by various retail stores across Canada. They were sold from September 2008 to April 2009.

Consumers should immediately take the plush animals with carrier carrying cases away from young children and dispose of them in regular household garbage.

Recall notice