Health Canada says consumers should throw out hair products

Health Canada is warning consumers against using three hair products made by Life Times Sales Ltd./Besco Beauty Corporation.

The items are:

· A conditioning enhancer sold under the brand name “Soft Sheen Optimum Care” in a 419-ml blue pressurized aerosol container with a white cap and with the UPC 075285204061;
· A revitalizing mousse, sold under the brand name “Soft Sheen Carson.” The mousse was sold in a 201-g pressurized aerosol container and has the UPC 075285108765, and;
· A dry shampoo sold under the brand “Home Institute.” The shampoo is sold in a pressurized aerosol container and has the UPC 3248140656306.

Health Canada said the items do not have a mandated label warning that their contents are flammable. As a result, the federal agency said, the products could be misused and lead to injury.

The federal department said that approximately 12 units of the enhancer and 24 units of the revitalizing mousse products were sold at Cosmetiques Multi Ethniques in Quebec.

Health Canada also said that approximately 1,500 units of the dry shampoo were sold across Canada.

The agency also said it has not received any reports of incidents or injuries related to the use of these products.