Cattle-trough heaters can cause electric shocks

Ritchie Industries of Conrad, Iowa, is recalling about 800 cattle-trough immersion heaters sold in Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta because of a shock risk.

The recalled models are 17863 (250watt/120volt) and 17940 (250watt/240volt). The number is printed on one side of the heating element along with the letters SWI. A sticker reading Ritchie Specialty Products is on the other side.

The heaters are designed to be immersed in cattle troughs to keep the water from freezing. The outer cover can crack and expose the heating element to water, posing a shock hazard.

Health Canada has received no reports of incidents or injuries but urges owners to stop using the heaters immediately and return them to the place of purchase for a free replacement.

The heaters were made in Mexico by Springfield Wire Inc. of Springfield, Mass., and distributed by Ritchie. For more information, consumers can call Ritchie at 1-800-747-0222.

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