Spa Factory fountain and bath kits recalled

Health Canada has recalled 8,488 Spa Factory Fantasy Aromatherapy Fountain and Bath Benefits kits used to make bath bombs and fizzes because the purple caps on jars in the kits can blow off.

The caps may explode off the jars as pressure from carbon dioxide builds. The mixtures may also contain citric acid, which can irritate eyes.

There have been 88 reports of exploding jars, including 13 injuries, in the U.S., but none in Canada.

The recall includes Spa Factory Bath Benefits Kit (universal product code 22876-54896-7, item number 54896); Spa Factory Deluxe Spa Fantasy Aromatherapy Fountain (code 22876-37908-0, item number 37908); and two versions of Spa Factory Spa Fantasy Aromatherapy Fountain (code 876-54856-1, item 54856, and code 22876-54892-9, item 54892-48).

Consumers should take the jars and caps away from children. The manufacturer, JAKKS Pacific Inc. of Malibu, Calif., will provide a replacement cap with vent holes.

JAKKS can be reached at (877) 875-2557 between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. PT Monday through Friday.

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