Maple Leaf recalls 1,100 cases of wieners

Maple Leaf Foods has voluntarily recalled hundreds of cases of wieners that had not completed tests for Listeria monocytogenes.

The affected products were shipped to Eastern Canada, mostly to Ontario, Maple Leaf spokeswoman Linda Smith told CBC News.

People who have purchased 450-gram packs of Shopsy's Deli Fresh All Beef Frankfurters (product code 20730 and UPC 6487520730, best-before date of April 22 and 23) and Maple Leaf Hot Dogs (product code 22356 and UPC 6310022356, best-before date of April 23) are advised not to consume them.

Smith said 1,100 cases of wieners were quarantined for a second round of testing at a plant in Hamilton, Ont., but they were mistakenly shipped out prematurely.

Initial testing revealed a partial positive result for the Listeria species, Smith said.

Maple Leaf says it tests for all six Listeria species, not just Listeria monocytogenes.

It is not known whether the recalled wieners have tested positive for Listeria, a species that can be fatal in humans and was blamed for last year's deadly listeriosis outbreak.

Maple Leaf expects to have all the recalled wieners in its possession by tomorrow morning at the latest, said Smith. The company said the wieners are being taken off shelves "immediately," and that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is overseeing the recall.

Maple Leaf said no illnesses were reported as a result of consuming the wieners, and that "the risk to human health is extremely low."

Maple Leaf recall notice