U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issues reminder to replace dangerous home heating pipes

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is urging home owners who have not yet responded to the previously-announced recall to replace dangerous home heating vent pipes to do so immediately.

After May 1, 2009, the remedy consumers receive under the existing program, which has been operating continuously for almost 11 years, will change.

The recall, first announced in February 1998, included about 250,000 Plexvent and Ultravent HTPV pipe systems attached to gas or propane furnaces and boilers in homes.

The HTPV pipes can crack or separate at the joints and leak deadly carbon monoxide gas.

Consumers who register after May 1, 2009, and who choose to repair their systems will be responsible for up-front payment of parts, labour and permits, and will be responsible for arranging to have the work performed.

Consumers should determine whether they have a recalled HTPV pipe system by checking the vent pipes attached to their natural gas or propane furnace or boiler. Vent pipes subject to this recall can be identified as follows:
· the vent pipes are plastic;
· the vent pipes are grey or black in colour;
· "Plexvent," "Plexvent II" or "Ultravent" is stamped on the vent pipe or printed on stickers placed on pieces used to connect the vent pipes; and
· the vent pipes are located on furnaces (and the pipes go through the sidewalls of structures) or on boilers.

Recall notice