First Blankie sleep sacks pose choking hazard

Health Canada has recalled My First Blankie children's sleep sacks because the snaps on the shoulder can come loose and pose a choking hazard.

There has been one report of the snaps coming loose.

About 74 of the items were sold by independent Kidcentral stores in September and October 2008.

The loose-fitting sacks have neck and arm openings and snaps located on the left shoulder.

Products with Velcro fasteners instead of snaps are not included in the recall.

The colours, age ranges and UPC numbers are:

Colour Age Range (Months) UPC
Blue 0-6 718122738342
Blue 6-12 718122738441
Blue 12-18 718122738540
Pink 0-6 718122738649
Pink 6-12 718122739548
Pink 12-18 718122738847
Purple 0-6 718122738946
Purple 6-12 718122739042
Purple 12-18 718122739141
Green 0-6 718122739240
Green 6-12 718122739349
Green 12-18 718122739448
Orange 0-6 718122739547
Orange 6-12 718122739646
Orange 12-18 718122739745

The retailer will provide a full refund or exchange.

Consumers can call Kidcentral Supply Inc. at 1-416-530-7681 for more information.

Recall notice