Pool, spa chemicals recalled in Canada

Health Canada is warning consumers certain pool and spa chemicals are being recalled in Canada because they were not packaged in child-resistant containers.

The federal agency issued the advisories Monday for the following products:

  • Rona Pool and Spa Chemicals, UPC #402009000072, UPC 402009000065, and UPC 402009004513.
  • Azur, UPC #777441020316.
  • Azur , UPC #777441020217.
  • Canac Marquis, UPC #200512050924.
  • Canac Marquis, UPC #200512050917.
  • Club Piscine, UPC #777441030315.
  • Club Piscine, UPC #777441020217.
  • Cristal Clear, UPC #778112020314.
  • Cristal Clear, UPC #778112020215.
  • Pro, UPC #777441020316.
  • Pro, UPC #777441020217.
  • Trevi, UPC #777441020316.
  • Trevi, UPC# 777441020217.

No associated incidents or injuries have been reported, Health Canada said.

The products were sold from September 2007 to September 2008.

Consumers who purchased the RONA products can call the company's customer service line at 1-888-599-5916. Those who purchased the other recalled products can call RBF International at 1-800-433-0590 for return information.

Recall notice

Rona recall notice