Allergy warning issued for vegetarian burgers

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is warning people with sesame seed and soy allergies to not consume several New World Natural Food burger products.

New World Natural Food tofu burgers, veggie burgers and lentil burgers contain sesame seeds and soy that are not declared on their labelling, according to the inspection agency.

The tofu burgers have a lot code of 3406 and contain sesame seeds. The veggie burgers and lentil burgers, which contain soy, have no lot code.

All three products are sold in 340 gram packages that contain four patties.

The Burnaby, B.C., manufacturer, New World Natural Foods, has voluntarily recalled the products, which were distributed in Vancouver.

Individuals with related allegories who consume the products could suffer a serious or life-threatening reaction. But there have been no reported illnesses.

Recall notice