Health Canada recalls KeO bicycle pedals

The recall involves 3,058 pairs sold in Canada.

The U.S Distributor, Look Cycle USA, has received 14 reports of incidents with broken pedals, including seven injuries which resulted in scrapes, cuts, contusions, elbow pain, and a knee injury. The Canadian Distributor, Kempter Marketing Inc, has received a report of one incident related this recall.

The recalled bicycle pedals were sold separately from bicycles. Pedal models include KéO Classic, KéO Sprint, KéO HM and KéO Carbon. The model name is printed in white on the side of the pedal. The date codes between January 2004 and December 2005 are included in this recall. The date code for the KéO Classic, Sprint and Carbon pedals is on a dial stamped onto the pedal.

The date code for the KéO HM is on the bottom of the pedal, with the letters A through L corresponding to the month, and the numbers 4 and 5 indicating 2004 or 2005. The "Ti" pedals are not included in this recall.

The recalled pedals, manufactured in France, were sold from September 2004 through July 2006. The distributor is Kempter Marketing Inc., of Dorval, Que.

Health Canada is advising consumers to stop using the recalled bicycle pedals immediately. Consumers may return the pedals to their local dealer or one of the axle upgrade centres set up for this recall and the dealers and centres will change the axles at no charge. For more information, consumers can contact Kempter Marketing Inc. (KMI) toll-free at (866)-424-4600.

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